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I got my call this afternoon, so don't lose your hopes just yet.
For those wondering about switching SIMs and so on: I had my mobile phone off, but I got both a voice mail and an email from them asking me to call them back.

They offered me the 26th of July, so bearing in mind the next stage (according to their website) is from the 16th to the 27th, I'm not sure if that means they only have the 26th and the 27th left to fill out (I didn't ask). However I had the feeling my interview was quite a bad one, not happy at all with it, and I had several crashes in the exercise about flying through the holes, so I honestly thought I was out of the competition. So I believe what might have happened is that I was in that "no email/no call" group some of you are talking about that they are using to fill out the gaps after offering it to the real successful candidates (in which case it doesn't matter they offered me the 26th or the 17th, it was just a gap they had?). Not complaining though of course, quite the opposite, I'm really happy about it and just grateful that I'm getting the chance to progress! But just to share some info about it.

(And following another discussion earlier on: I'm Spanish, not Irish).
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