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I am certainly not wealthy and equally certainly not snobbish-I merely quoted quite widely broadcast data on the demographics of the referendum. I will put my hands up to not being very good at typing.

I regard myself as very patriotic but I do not lkie the ludicrous make Britain GREAT again and we won the war bluster we get into over the EU and Football.
We were a great nation once -the greatest in terms of modern history- but . it wasnt that great for 95% of the population though who were providing child labour , slaving, allowing the masses to live in poverty and squalor. I don't want a return to that via Mr Rees Mogg and his friends I would however like to see a good Britain before I die where the elderly nd poor are not spoken of as being part of the cause of our troubles, where .we return to our more traditional democratic values of liberal socialism for labour and noblesse oblige for conservatives and try and find a middle way to solve the real problems facing us.

Do people here really think the CEO of Airbus, Honda Nissan etc would lie about their companies policies and concerns and that the Governor of the Bank of England is clueless.

Nukes, admitted controlled by our US cousins and seats on the UN security council are luxuries we can no longer afford when the NHS is in dire straights, the elderly and disadvantaged are victimised and we cannot maintain our basic infrastructure properly. It is for those reasons I also believe it is important to challenge the views of about 80% of the print media over issues like the Eu referendum .

And taking back control from Brussels is a complete sham -or scam if you prefer, all criminal and most social law is ours anyway. we have always had and at times exercised the right not to go along with certain aspects like EU employment law and so there is little to gain there.. but then it seems many of the voices of concern about Brexit are shouted down in an orgy of fake patriotism and accusations of elitism, 48% of anything can never be described as Elite after all

There is also the fractured and seemingly unworkable process of actually leaving the EU-Davis was useless , but he always has been , and the new guy who is not even British ethnically represents a constituency filled with stayers , I think they voted close to 70% remain so from the start he is compromised.

Whether we like it or not 'Europe' is 20 miles away , less than an hour on the train from Ashford to Lille .and people think it more sensible to trade with New Zealand than France, you do realise Napoleon is dead don't you.
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