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Originally Posted by Buster15 View Post
Quite frankly I am appalled but not at all surprised. This is not only an unacceptable waste of public money but it is totally disrespectful to the people at Rolls-Royce Bristol who have worked at making the ROCET engine contact such a success.
Tornado and its RB199 engines have given excellent service to the RAF for almost 40 years (almost 40% of the life of the RAF) and this is no way to show such flagrant disregard to the equipment and people involved.
The MoD should be ashamed of themselves but probably don't care..
Rolls arent paying the treasury cash to hold them in stock though are they?

Someone has calculated it is more cost effective in terms of servicing and budgeting, mindful of the current fleet size, to scrap them. I dare say they will make excellent pieces in a museum or in a company foyer somewhere.
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