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Originally Posted by JakubEGSC View Post
Eraclito - thanks for sharing the news with us. Don't give up as resilience seems to be the key in aviation job market.

I haven't got call nor email yet but dont have my hopes high and i am progressing with an alternative plan to train at my own expense (no I don't have 120k euros for integrated training I don't even have half of that, lol)

good luck in your ventures and hopefully see you in on the deck one day.


thanks @JakubEGSC! I will try my best.

That is good to have a plan B, and it is great to read that you are progressing, regardless of the AL outcome. That is what I am doing myself, I never rely on someone' else judgement, however, sometimes a little "LIFT" helps In this case I will keep flying with no pressure, I mean QNH 1013hpa (and no debt) - jeez that was a cold joke, wasnt'it?

Jokes apart, I try to fly every week-end and I am starting soon the Navigation Module (studying towards my PPL). It is a long road but it enjoyable.

Passion and Discipline will get you there. If you haven't got the email yet, there is still hope, fingers crossed!

I also wish you all the best and see you up there !
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