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Originally Posted by Warlock1 View Post
No, I am an employee.
they don't have enough airplanes. So, instructors are discouraged from grounding an airplane as much as possible, cause if they do, students will sit for days due to poor maintenance.
some of ground courses are jokes. not enough instructors to teach, so most of the time, you are teaching yourself at home.
if you stay in Kaunas base, you are in civilization but if you are sent to Istra base, you are in the middle of nowhere and you are expected to find your own accommodations and provide for your own transportation to an airport that doesn't have public transpo.
I have no idea what you are talking about. Especially, I was in the very first F ATPL program in 2011. Yes not everything is perfect, but everyone was VERY helpful to us if we needed anything. Also with finding an place to live. In Vilnius as well in Kaunas.
Yes we had in groundschool an instructor who spoke very bad English, but he was replaced within a day because we as students said that this is not the way we wish to get instructed. The instructor was an University Teacher, who knows what he is talking about but cannot explain it in English. That problem was solved within a day.

Bad Maintenance? Nonsense. The planes are relatively new Tecnams and C172SP. We had besides the std issues and maintenance no problems. Every 50 hrs they go to a bigger check.

All in all honestly, I have no idea what you are talking about. I have been always in contact with BAA ever since. Done also my TR737 with them. And plenty ex students who got jobs rather quick after graduating. That would NOT be the case if the students would be trained badly.

Same now with the Cadet programs with Smartlynx, Wizz, Avion Express and Small Planet. If the airlines would not believe in the school, then they would have not wanted to work with them.
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