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Originally Posted by RomanK View Post
Hi Airone2977,

In my BQ invitation it was said that no special preparation is required and there was 2 of ~9 test model examples available via URL in the mail (two models is how ATPL and English exams looks like). So I didn't use any software for preparation and I passed it. But I should mention that I'm good in math and attention so if you are not - do skytest prep. Unfortunately it is strictly forbidden to disclose what tests are in details.
Awaiting for sim assessment now
Thanks for the update, seems much simpler than DLR testing. I'll use skytest for the preparation, it's my second chance I don't want to spoiled it too fast.
I'm invited for august the 27th, last session scheduled so far.
If there anybody on the same day, feel free to PM me.
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