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Thanks guys for all your insights! I think in such an important matter to our health, such as this one, others people experience help a lot!

I do actually own a pair of QC25, and also looked at buying the add-on UFlyMike. However they are not EASA/FAA certified, and I doubt they would allow me to use them when operating.

In the past few days I also inquired about the new ProFlight, asking if there is any opportunity to create an impression of your ear and connect it to your Bose headset. They said that it is not possible, but they added that the product is delivered with 3 different sizes. So that could be a very valuable option.

To be fair, especially after reading some of your replies, I think I made my mind on the brand. I think I'm gonna go with Bose. Everyone that owns them have always enjoyed them. Now the choice is between A20's and Proflight!!! I'll keep you posted

Thanks! It is the realization of a life time dream being able to do this job. I'm blessed for having this opportunity, and proud of being part of this massive international community!
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