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No idea about the actual question - however:

Ascend Charlie - not that I’ve read anything with which I violently disagree but in the case you’re talking about: (NB throughout - this was 15-30 years ago).

If you noticed that your opponent might be about to suffer the indignation of a flight path fly through with the usual tell tales of high crossing rate (behind you), plan view (high angle off) and low separation - you could tighten up as others describe to help him along. Unload a fraction pull in 40 nozzle, watch the spectacle unfold. This had all the effects you’ve already had described. The trick was to be ready for what happened next.
Assuming you forced the fly through you’d probably be initially (split second) be faced with a fleeting shot opportunity as the hostile exited the AIM-9 Rmin, or perhaps get a snapshot guns if lucky. To make this play out in your favour a neat trick was to barrel roll (back towards the opponent) with the nozzles in full braking stop to force nose to tail separation. This needed practice and as back seat Captain/ Instructor was the bit you really had to watch when teaching the new guys. (The first time I tried resulted in being beaten up by a machine as Somerset and the sky changed places a few times - good times).
Against a high wing loader the combined two manoeuvres were very effective - if timed correctly with a decent chance of getting that timing right. Against something modern (at the time) for example the Mirage 2000 which had a staggering instantaneous turn they could lag a bit then back stick and would end up smack in your control zone with all their problems solved - not great for the home team - but the braking stop barrel did then cause them problems.
In all my time in the Sea Jet I used the above only a handful of times and it worked well against things like Alpha Jet which didn’t seem to slow down - the two other occasions when I successfully used VIFF were both falling out of a low speed flight into a ‘rate to base’ scenario where full braking stop and full power allowed me to sit at 70-80 degrees nose low and point my lift vector in lead using roll whilst my opponent was doing the standard 30 or so to gain energy. (Him going down a helterscelter me sat in the middle watching).
As per previous comments if a shot hadn’t followed quickly then I’d have been poorly placed but the Blue Vixen had great off boresight combat modes and the 9M was quite capable so it went my way. (Opponents in these cases Portuguese F-16 and Malaysian Hawk 208).
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