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Originally Posted by BluSdUp View Post
I would like to ask a rather strange question, if you all do not mind!
In the Helicopter world in general and Offshore , in particular: Do You think the Norwegian AIBN have the resources, technical expertise , operational expertise and the independence from politics and manufacturers to cover this case!
I think they do, but we may have this sorted before the report.
Keeping in mind there is two sides at 180 degree opposite view. Unions in the north-sea hates it , Airbus loves it.
Cpt B
The fact that the unions don't like it is not a problem for the AIBN. That and the flat market for offshore heavies is all part of the realpoletik of the business.
The AIBN do have the resources, and they can call upon other agencies/laboratories when needed. I do however think AH's response to this and some of their public statements have been quite extraordinary. Who is right and who is wrong can only be determined by an evidence based, impartial report which hopefully we will see soon. My bigger worry is whether AIBN have been able to get to the bottom of this and establish definitive cause ie why not what happened. No matter how good the agency, in the real world, this is not always possible.
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