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I heard about this airline a few years ago which then died away (happened about the same time as when this topic started here in PPRuNe), and then it propped up again several months ago... and got a call asking about this airline just last week.
The airline doesn't have an AOC yet. Information from within the DGCA, this so-called company hasn't lodged an AOC application either.
The funniest thing was, they haven't got the money either... they are still seeking investors, but information from "a source close to it" said they haven't planned for any routes, schedules or done any aircraft rotation simulations to see how many they need.

This is Indonesia, if the airline ain't real, it ain't worth your time. Go for the real ones, and even with those you still gotta watch where your money goes!
This is the 5th startup wannabe (yes, wannabes for even the startups) I've come across in the last 4 years, and yet another one living in dreamland (instead of doing the setup work).

Been there, done that...

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