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Originally Posted by caaardiff View Post
27 minutes really isnt excessive for a standard a320/737 flight. Most Airlines expect no more than 30 minute delivery time, 40 for charters with full baggage loads. If you think bags just magically roll out of the hold, onto a trolley and straight into the baggage hall you may want to do a shift as a baggage handler. Peoples expectation of these things really are surprising. Even if it was an Embraer 27 minutes isnt the quickest but certainly isnt worthy to complain about.
You also might want to read Bristols twitter psge which is constantly covered with complaints about baggage delivery. An hour, sometimes over 1.5hr wait times.
Caaardiff for your information I have done plenty of shifts loading bags in my time during industrial action at LHR I am only too aware there is certainly no magic involved. I would concur my expectation of baggage delivery at CWL would be one of a better performance than LHR.
With respect I prefer to compare travel between CWL and BRS, from my own experience as a very frequent user of both airports rather than some social media. Passenger perception is everything when the bags arrived in the hall on friday evening a cheer of relief rang out. If you think 30 minutes is acceptable for a first bag to arrive at the belt for a Embraer or any other aircraft for that matter than I don't think you are too knowledgeable of airline QLA'S unless of course you are an employee of the current Ground Handler at CWL.
I reiterate my first choice whenever possible is to use CWL either on business or leisure, I am one of the individuals who have contributed to the seasonal increase in passenger numbers referred to previously.

My point is I am aware a lot of people have worked very hard to move CWL airport out of ' intensive care' in the past three years but the third party suppliers need to be on the same journey to ensure a sustained improvement with the customer service experience. It is not about a passenger whining about my experience, if it is I can simply vote with my feet.

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