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Originally Posted by Small cog View Post

Nice idea, but I would suggest it would be a brave manager or engineer who would authorise departing without a tech log entry. If you having enough doubt to call them ...

Ever been told “it’s OK” and then asked of it in writing? I did once, and I got it (I didn’t agree with CP and engineering that I should do an engine run after a problem). Carried out the requested engine run ... very expensive bang followed. Play safe.

Just my 2 cents worth.
Why so paranoid? It's perfectly legal, no tech log entry necessary after you've dispatched. Any professional engineer will have no hesitation to advise you to go or not go, in writing, or on a recorded phone conversation.

I'm glad I work with sensible professionals who are not afraid to offer sensible advise or take sensible decisions. Also in writing when requested.
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