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Originally Posted by Small cog View Post
How can you apply requirements and restrictions of the MEL when (M) is required, without returning to the gate?
Well You can't that's why You need to balance risks, assess the situation and come up with a decision using all the available tools. If possible a phone/satcom/HF call to your maintenance team while at the holding point could give you valuable inputs to come up with your decision and if you're still stuck a call to your duty pilot (if there is one where your work) can help you out as he is going to speak on behalf of the company even though he's not going to decide for you but most likely give you "food for thoughts". Main thing when in a grey area is to get as many inputs as possible before jumping to a decision and being told "oh yeah but you could have talked to etc..". In the end no one decides for You but if the feeling You get from all around is that it smells "dodgy" then the parking bay is where you are heading to.
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