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Originally Posted by STN Ramp Rat View Post
So Ö..
Itís the ďfaultĒ of MAG for letting a Sole supplier situation occur at the fourth (or is it third) busiest airport in the UK.
tís the ďfaultĒ of French and Spanish for striking
Itís the fault of climate change for increased thunderstorm activity in Europe.
Itís the fault of Ryanair for trying to not managing the slots well on off schedule movements.
Itís the fault of Swissport for not resourcing correctly for the above which is also driven by the wage rates which in turn is driven by their revenue which in turn is driven by the low cost nature of Stansted.
Swissport at STN (and most other UK airports bar a few exceptions) have been continually rubbish for at least 12 years. So unless there have been strikes, thunderstorms, slots and MAG ownership for every day of that 12 year period the only people to blame is Swissport management. The lack of competition means that they should be able charge what they want, and not have to bend over.
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