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Originally Posted by Prophead View Post
These are my pet hate.

How on earth, in this day and age of trying to decrease packaging and waste are these deemed acceptable? We have them at work and there are about 10 flavours all in there own boxes. Each cup of coffee requires taking out an individual pod then throwing it away. Granted they recycle but that's hardly an answer is it? The amount of packaging for a cup of coffee is criminal but nobody seems to mind as its fashionable.

As spoken about in the article, it's not just the capsules either, we have elaborate wooden boxes and chrome racks to store them.

I purposely bring in a jar of instant and stand by the kettle listening to them all speaking twaddle about how the Guatemalan has a more refined taste than the Ristretto whilst they try and use the machine that resembles the controls in the Wizard of Oz.
Fully agree, itīs absolute madness not to mention that you can make a far better cup of coffee with a french press for a fraction of the price. What is it they say about a fool and their money...
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