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Mate? Have you seen the question I asked? "If you leave before the 3 years mark"?
'Mate'. You literally said, that your information source states that encashment is ONLY available after 3 years' service. When I suggested that this answered your question (can you encash it if leaving before 3 years?) you said it did not, I then wondered if this didn't adequately answer your question if you were not in fact asking about cashing in leave in general. Sorry if I couldn't grasp what you were actually asking from contradictory posts.

And if they sent you an email stating they will pay it, why did you ask if it will be paid out? Or was your intended question: 'Will they ACTUALLY pay it out as the email says?' (knowing full well that often they say one thing and do another)

Don is an A380 captain. See I know who people are too

Best of luck with the bailout. They love to make things hard, but the EOS people are actually super helpful. Every question I asked they told me the correct info. It's the other departments you have to worry about, some will follow what EOS says, others won't and you'll need to circle back to them to get the right response from whoever it is that's stalling you. Accommodation will be the 'fun' one, if you're unlucky enough to have to deal with them
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