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Originally Posted by DC3 Dave View Post
mik3bravo doesn't take any prisoners if he fails to get the service he's paid for. And in my opinion he is correct to focus his ire on Flybe. If I get a happy meal from McDonald's and find my fries are cold or too salty, the thought of who the franchisee may be doesn't enter my head. I have a negative view towards the brand and other fast food outlets are available.

When Stobart expanded their Flybe franchise, I said that Flybe were sharing the risk and was ridiculed at the time for saying so.

What does surprise me is that Stobart have allowed this to continue on their no 1 route.

Still, FR are taking over SEN-DUB next year. (Come back mik3bravo!)
Thanks fellas. Ended up with a couple of the other pax getting Aer Lingus redeye this morning from DUB to LGW. Southern Rail rescheduling debacle meant going into Victoria then district to Tower then circle to Liverpool then Greater Anglia back out to SEN to collect the cars pax have parked. All of us are from the SEN catchment area.

Should have landed back in SEN last night at 21:45.
Will fallout of my car on my driveway at 13:30 today - been none stop and seriously costly trying to get home in time for work meetings later today.

I would have been still stuck in DUB with other unfortunate pax most of today trying to get Flybe to sort it out.

I like SEN but really feel neither Flybe or Stobart are either capable or trustworthy to put customers at the centre, trust is broken.

Will use City until FR start running the SEN to DUB service. I canít face doing the STN experience in the meantime - itís like a zoo at STN these days.

FR couldnít come to SEN quick enough if you ask me.
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