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I seriously don't get what the fuss is all about. I've been flying the Airbus for a couple of years now, always with an ANR headset and almost never I've had any annoyance with the speaker. I leave it on at 12 or 1 o' clock position as the FCOM says; as others have pointed out, the volume from the speaker automatically reduces quite significantly if any intercom sw is open, so that's one condition gone straight away, unless you have the volume on the audio panel and the speaker way up (BTW, on the Airbus FBW at least, the volume control on the audio panel has more range, i.e. goes louder, than you have with the speaker volume knob). I've had a few skippers who ask me to turn the speaker down a bit, but all of them fly with crappy headsets anyway... Other than that, it's been a non-issue 95% of the time. Like I said, unless you have the volume knobs ridiculously up...

How about this though. Cruise phase, headsets off, both speakers set to a higher than normal volume (say 3 o'clock or more), both VHF1 volumes set higher than normal too (about same position, 3 o'clock), ATC calls and you obviously reply with the hand mic. Now, there's annoying for ya... Well, not you actually, but everyone else on the frequency, including ATC.
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