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Aspiring PPL with CVD in Australia

Hi everyone,
I truly don't know where the proper place to put this is, so my sincere apologies if this is totally incorrect...
Original question posted on reddit, but was directed here (can't place URL here, but its in r/flying if you're interested)

I'll copy/paste what I've asked there, but please let me know if you need any clarification...
I haven't gone for my first medical, but I know I'll fail the Ishihara - I've failed it plenty in my youth.Deducing that I should go to my DAME, I'll receive a Class 2 medical with a restriction of "day VFR only", I'll then attempt a Farnsworth Lantern test. I have no idea (honestly) if I'll pass that or not, as I have no reference point.Should I fail the lantern, that's okay - it's all about being responsible and maintaining the safety of myself and others. If I can't pass, I'll live with that.Assuming everything else goes fine, and I have a Class 2 with that restriction, I'd like to fully understand what that means? Essentially the logic of that sentence structure...So I'll only be allowed to fly during the day, AND under VFR? Would I be allowed to fly during the day under IFR, provided I got my IR eventually?

Thank you for your time, in advance.
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