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Originally Posted by mik3bravo View Post
This last flight each Sunday night from DUB into SEN has had its fair share of cock ups. The a/c is generally getting caught up in some issues throughout the days schedules but seems it''s a common issue impacting the particular flight at this particular day and slot.

Couple of regular pax at checkin queue commenting they've had enough of how sh!t Flybe have been in running a reliable punctual service on the route. Even had the comment 'Ryanair wouldn't be this sh!t'

I haven' a clue what the issue is but whoever works in flight ops needs to look at this ridiculous inability to provide the service pax expect and pay for.

As for the Stobart operate the service argument. I am the pax, I book Flybe using their app and pay for the flight to Flybe. Transparently speaking Flybe are the airline responsible. It is for Flybe to get its sh!t together and if there are issues at Stobart flight ops too then it' not for a pax to sort that out it is responsibility of these two sh!t operators to organise their business and passenger services.

As I've said, this is the last time I'll use Flybe at all. From the sound of the other pissed off pax sitting here in Dublin I think it' fair to say many of them will not use Flybe again either. The word will spread in the SEN area.

I pitty the skipper and hostie's on this delayed flight tonight... there are a lot of extremely annoyed pax. But we'll get the usual BS scripted skipper announcement to pax in the rear...
And for Flybe that is the problem of having franchise partners. They get all the blame for the other airlines cock up when it's nothing to do with them.
Anyone know when this franchise is due to end ?
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