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Originally Posted by etudiant View Post
Is there a link to the numbers that you can share?
ASN is a really good starting point. Clearly, through the manner of how this site operates, rather like Wikipedia, one needs to be sceptical and look for corroboration in news articles and regulators' websites. The thing about the 225 and 92 is that so little has happened to these types that it is relatively easy to join up all the dots.

It's a while ago now so I don't remember all the details of where and how, but in 2013 I set about trying to get some perspective on this. ASN wasa major part of that. Once you start looking back at things like S-61, 330, Mi-8, and 332 accidents, the numbers stack up in a way that is no longer happening with modern types. Take the Mi-8/17, which have been produced in very large numbers compared to most types. The number of accidents is large, though not very large in relation to the number built, but when you get to many thousands of fatalities and then can't keep count, it's quite chilling, and the contrast with modern types could not be greater.
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