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For those who hold an interest in the Jetgo creditor meeting

An ASIC search has shown that neither Bredereck nor Mulder are/were/ever have been directors of the company, confirmed by the administrator.

Support for the current administrators, were a resounding 2.5 : 1 in favor of keeping them and the pilot body could not even put forward a representative. Another result was never a probable outcome given the dollar value that other creditors hold.

The administrator is required by law to make their opinion in the DOCA as to where the financial culpability lies, end of story. Its then up to ASIC to form a case that has enough evidence to warrant investigation int the accountability of the Sole Director.

The only people who could remotely qualify to pass knowledge of what happened in the jetgo offices in the past 12 months are those that were there in person on a day to day basis, which factually are few and far between.

While it is a white hot market for pilots right now their are plenty of options for those at the pointy end, how about sparing a thought for their colleagues who worked tirelessly behind the scenes to make it work who find themselves in a position very much different. Ponder on those thoughts, and think of where your energies could be better directed.

Its all good to voice an anonymous opinion in this forum, and I support it. However its only helpful to ALL staff if it is correct.

I am happy to retract/revise anything i've written here if its not true, if you're after vengeance this is not the forum, take the venom elsewhere and wait in line for your turn like the rest of the creditors.
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