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As an observer and private pilot (my creditor status awaiting confirmation) at the creditors meeting a question was asked as to the employment status of Mr. Bredereck. The administrator advised that he was only a consultant to JETGO. A person representing Passengers asked why he spoke in the media representing himself as General Manager Airline Operations to which the Administrator re-iterated that he was only a consultant and I believe the question went un answered. Curiously I overheard a staff meeting where some chap was trying to explain why a second administrator was asked to be present to represent staff. Given that Mr. Bredereck had passionately supported the current administrators and that he had bought them in and his "unknown position" within the company I tended to believe that replacing the current administrators was a very good idea. I was shocked to hear Mr Mulder address the staff also advising them to stay with the current administrators. Forgive me if I am wrong and I understand fully the attacks on Mr Ryder but was not Mr Mulder also a director of JETGO and Mr Bredereck pretending to be a Senior Manager within JETGO so why aren't these gentlemen also not held accountable for the current mess at JETGO.

Sitting around two pilots I believe I heard them talk about another Company (a leasing company) that Mr Bredereck and Mr Ryder were involved in that had not been mentioned. It was not lost on these gentlemen that Mr Bredereck had positioned himself with a Japanese investor. JETGO MKII with Mr Bredereck as CEO maybe. The affected Shire Councils will love that.
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