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Originally Posted by TheGoose View Post
Hi guys

Been reading into this quite a bit looking for anything that can help. Had my assessment day recently and have just received an offer to attend a ASP, the guy at my local requirement couldn't offer me much help on the whole process however did help a little, was wondering if anyone that has been through the new ASP could offer me a little insight into how the whole thing will go.

other questions:
Any recommendations on areas of study?
lets say i pass it and get recommended for OSB what is the wait time in between ASP's and OSB's ?

People on my ASP completed OSB within 2 months. I'd recommend utilising the time at ASP to find out as much as you can about the role you are going for, the training involved and the military lifestyle. This will help you immensely at your OSB. Also, remember that the people running the ASP will have direct influence over your application progression, so ensure that you present yourself well. I'm not sure that you can study all that much for the actual testing. Practice mental maths and short term memory problems - that's about all I can think of.
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