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Iíd concur with the last poster. Having never used MAN before as I reside in the south Iíve now used it a few times in the last few months because of the SEN service as it saves me time and money compared to the train.

Iíve used all three departures - 08:25, 17:00 and 20:45. My experience is consistent in security being absolutely fine and staff courteous, facilities clean, good wi-fi plus very generous at 4 hours free, and workstations and power being available around the gates (in T3). The frustration has been unacceptable queues for the food outlets to the point that I gave up once and didnít even bother another couple of times. Last time (am flight) one unit had no queue but I soon realised why - neither did it have any food available as theyíd already sold out, except for a few muffins. Iíve learnt to grab something at Piccadilly before arriving if Iím hungry.
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