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Anyone else a bit underwhelmed by what seems to have been agreed?

The one positive thing seems to be that NK seems to have a wish to engage with the US, SK, etc, but that was the case before this meeting. It seems that the big goal of getting NK to agree to unilateral nuclear disarmament has been kicked into the long grass.

Given the doubts about what the NK capability really is, I suspect that they are a long way from having engineered a missile warhead. Add in that they don't seem to have any nuclear test capability now, and almost certainly don't have enough data to produce a mathematical model that would allow an accurate simulation, I doubt they are a realistic nuclear power, although I can understand that it suits Kim to portray that they are, if only to maintain face with his own people.

I wonder if anything will really change as a result of this meeting? I reckon the main achievement was defusing tension between NK and the US/SK, and in reality that happened before this meeting, anyway.
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