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Originally Posted by Nate01 View Post

Congrats man on getting the offer,
Just wondering how long the wait has been since assessment day? I sat mine January this year and they gave me the heads up saying I might get an invite in July/August. Help is much appreciated.
Hey Mate, i had my first assessment day mid 2016 passed fine and was recommended, however i had minor medical issues as I've had a knee recon. took me all of 2017 to get my medical cleared including several doctor visits and day Surgery's just to get reports for ADF. Couple thousand dollars in bills. My medical was cleared late last year but my assessment day expired so i resat it around October passed again with flying Colours. I had an offer for ASP in march but it was only three days notice cause someone pulled out so i couldn't get the time off work. Hence i'am here now and just got my offer last week for the 30th July. - 2nd August
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