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"...Standby, I'll recycle the transponder"
("I completely forgot to turn the Transponder on")

"...That light was working before I left..."
("I was not going to delay this flight because of one bulb blown")

Some Survey goodness!

"Center, weather is no good for the job, request return to field"
("Sensor has shit itself yet again")

"Need a few orbits to calibrate the sensor first"
("Sensor has shit itself yet again")

"Center, Ops Normal, turning onto line 52")
("Sensor has shit itself yet again, but we'll keep going cause we just got here, it took a lot of effort to get this clearance and we don't want you to think we're idiots")

"Clearance for your Survey job is not available due traffic today"
("You did nothing but orbits and delay yesterday, probably cause your Sensor shit itself yet again, I can't be bothered dealing with you today!")

"You can start up and call for clearance and we might be able to squeeze you in"
("Getting sick of you calling us everyday for this BS job, going to do my best to squeeze you in and get rid of you!")

"Got your maps here, not exactly the best time or place to try and do Survey..."
("HAHAHAHAHA, you idiots want to do survey where and when?!")

Been said before but still one of my favourites
"Weather was just above minimas but closing in, probably no good now"
("Holy shit, how did I make it through that?!")
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