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What a ripper thread. Have more than a few similar tales ... which, at my age, I won't relate as I don't need the embarrassment any more ... however ..

And my own personal favourite, since returning to Australia to fly....... At 6000' on a downwind for 34R, abeam the runway.
SYD ATC: "You have 22 track miles to run. descend 4000."
(Get ready lads, I'm going to turn you in for a 5 mile final and take bets on whether you can do it)

Many years ago on the Electra, we were motoring up from LST to SYD late one night at FL300. Bored out of our brains, a bet was taken that one should delay descent (for a displaced noise abatement threshold to the south) until abeam the airfield. The ATC-ers were getting quite agitated as each descent clearance, in turn, was acknowledged .. but not actioned. Still had to put some power on to make the runway ... the Goose was a flexible ship ...

A similar tale, some years later, on the B733. DRW to CNS, westerly wind, expected to be as rough as guts at Cairns .. over the northern threshold at 10000 ft and a very relaxed descending circuit to land into the north. Great fun.

Maybe the guys died at the desk..?? So he lands, taxis in, parks and ties down. Gathers his kit and walks to the twr and up the stairs. There's a newspaper over the console and, he's not dead, but fast asleep.

And, for the complementary situation .. many, many years ago (pre-radar), a fine pair of lads in a Gooney were motoring up from LST to EN .. very late, one night. As rarely happens to (other) freighter pilots, they both nodded off. Eventually, one of them woke up .. quite some many miles north of Melbourne. A quick call to the ATC-er ... some waffle about unforecast stronger winds, quick 180, back down south of Melbourne, quick 180 .. and the flight ended up none the worse for wear at Essendon. Taxying in, the ATC-er asked if the captain might drop in at the tower for a natter. Duly presented himself (perhaps a little apprehensive ?) only to have the ATC-er confide "Jeez, mate, I missed a couple of your calls .. I was sound asleep ... OK if we just write this one off to experience ?" "Not a problem, mate, all's well". Life was a lot more relaxed and fun back in the olden days. And the captain stills flies ... now at a quite respectable age .. one of the Industry's greater legends and all round top bloke.
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