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Originally Posted by Princess Noddy View Post

Treat the info below as third hand, I canít vouch for the accuracy.
A friend told me the roster for Dís will most likely be 12 hour AV Reserve spans...
For every three hours on reserve, FAís are paid for one hour.
Comany pre-allocates 14-19 days of Ďdutyí (could be all AV) at company discretion.
It is possible to be called out at the end of a 12 hour reserve & be gone for three days - after waiting around all day - so planning a personal life could be tricky.
Friend is unaware of a minimum number of hours pay per month (unlike C contract that has a minimum of 80 hours pay per month). Worth checking this as D contract talks in days, not hours.
FA can request three consecutive days off prior to the rostering cut off date.
Can also request less than 19 days duty, this will be at company discretion.
Going sick upline, it seems pay stops..
Roster is rolling 14 days.
Training wage is the national minimum pay.
Hourly pay around $35 per hour
Overtime $15 per hour
DTA $6 per hour
Drafting is permitted.
Casuals can be contacted on days off to be advised of a duty for their next rostered day.
Thatís about all he can think of. Hope that helps. X
Thank you so much for all that info! it is a great help
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