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Originally Posted by NightVMC View Post
enough is enough, about to resign.
1) will they keep a specific amount from your last salary or the complete last salary?
2) how do they calculate school fees for your kids if you leave end of the year?
3) has anyone transferred the final settlement to swissquote via al rostamani? if yes, should i register my swissqoute account with al rosatamani before i start the visa cancellation process?
4) how does it work with accommondation? will they come to your location and check together with you your house and will they tell you what you can expct to pay?

thanks for quick update

Re number 2. Unless it has changed ( may have), each kid each year has an invoice . EK takes a set amount off per month off your paycheck- used to be 1000 but more now I believe. The school year is considered Sept 1 to Aug 31. Depending on how much over the allowance your school fees are (if they are at all,) determines how much you owe. So say the allowance is 72500 and your school fee is 85,500 then you owe 13 k per kid per year. So for eg your 2kids started in 2015- then (in the past) would have 1000/month *2 kids = 2000 dhs deducted per month off your pay check, for 13 months. Then 2016 the next two invoices start running (so some months you will be having 4000 dhs deducted) , 2017 the same,2018 etc...
So in summer 2018 you will have 2015 and 2016 no longer being deducted, but will have 4 invoices (for 2017 and 2018) still running down. Once you resign, you will owe the remaining amount on those 4 invoices. As well , even though the school year is Sept- end of June, they consider the whole year, so if you leave on July 1, you will owe 2 months worth of the 72,500 back to the company. You can look on HR direct under the education section to see what your invoices are sitting at.
However , If your school fees fall within the allowance, then the only thing you need to worry about is the issue of owing 2 months of school fees back to the company if your Last date of service is not Aug 31. Unnecessarily complicated but who is surprised !
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