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Originally Posted by RimBim View Post
Splendid progress so far but I wonder if the RWR could do with being a few mm to the right?
I thought that as well, its quite hard to get everything in the right position just from looking at photos, especially of the photos are not head on. I wish there was some way of getting blueprints of the panel so when i make a more permanent version i can get everything in the perfect position. I'm thinking about how i can make a frame to support the panel and the side comnsoles and at the moment i'm considering using wood, it would be cheaper and easier to get, plus my neighbor is a carpenter so could probably knock something up for me if i give him all the right measurments, foir the side consoles i think a simple wooden box like structure with appropriatly sized holes for the units to slot into.
just got my first part from the right hand console today, at the moment I am concentrating on getting hold of the bits i think are most important, whilst i know every component was important but stuff like lighting control i'm not to worried about , the bit i got today was the TF Radar control i consider that a pretty vital part of the Tornado!
The bottom switch has writing but its seen some action and what it says is illegible it looks like F??O AGTY on the left and FIX?O or D FREO or D or perhaps even Q so it could be fixed freq?
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