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Originally Posted by Birdyvii View Post
Hey guys,

Yesterday I had my assessment day for a position as a RAAF pilot.

I'll keep this brief. Basically my school results were average (I'm not dumb, I was just lazy in school), but I passed everything to meet the requirements. Its been a few years since school and I am a much more motivated and committed person than I was back then. Yesterday in the test however, I scored extremely high and did well throughout the whole day. Now, I'm just wondering how much merit that will actually carry? Do the school results matter if they have proof that things have changed? I'm heading to ASP in about 2 months. I'm not too concerned and they told me that I shouldn't be either, just to keep studying. Can anyone give their experience in ASP? I'm aware that they use MACTS to test you.

Thanks guys.
Well done mate 2 months is crazy fast you must have killed it. What was everyone else's average time before they were invited to asp? i've been waiting 8 months so far & have heard on average its 10-12, however hopefully the new asp system will speed it up like it supposed too.
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