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Originally Posted by pholling View Post
The bad delays usually seem to happen when there are a number of late arriving flights pulling up in short order. The UKBF staffing seems to be done based on schedule and it doesn't look like there is a large amount of flexibility built in. If an airline is constantly have the same flights arrive late, then that is its issue. If MAN is putting holds on the inbounds that make things late, then it is MAN's issue. However, it is also MAN's responsibility to make sure that the infrastructure can handle the predicted flows, which for T3 seems to be a problem at times.
of course this issue is exacerbated by the fact there are three terminals as well as there is less slack at each individual terminal than there is as a whole. People queuing at T3 whilst UKBF staff may well be doing little to nothing in T1 and/or T2.

what MAN most needs is less segregation!
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