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Originally Posted by VforVENDETTA View Post
If you ask this stupid question it means you have a problem with carrying and using a decent flashlight in your bag. If you're using your phone (or that piece of garbage toys-r-us flashlight that's in the cockpit) for walk-around inspections, do the professional pilot gene pool a favor and stay home. Get a job making french fries or something. Why are you even a pilot if you don't want to do this job adequately which is obvious from what you choose to spend your brain energy on wondering how you could do less rather than better to find an infinite list of things that could be wrong with the aircraft you're about to take into the sky with hundreds of passengers or tons of cargo on-board?

I'd love to say this to you in person as I have to several individuals for the same exact reason at cx recently. A few years ago (late night flight), there was a fueling issue and I happened to go down there to see what the problem was. Engineer walked over to me to tell me "the deflated tire" and the one next to it will have to be replaced so there will be a delay! It was not hot so it had not deflated recently. This was just after another pilot had done the walk-around... with that inadequate POS so called torch from the cockpit and hadn't seen it. It was very obvious once you shined a decent light on it. It would have turned into a shrapnel bomb during takeoff.

So if you feel the need to think about how you can do less towards your professional responsibilities rather than more, please do us all a favor and stay home. Things are bad enough around here already.
This is spot on.
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