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Originally Posted by Turbine D View Post
The only positive things that can be said, the car didn't catch on fire which would have happened if it were a gasoline powered car and the seat belts worked for those that wore them.
I know people who've crashed petrol cars at similar speeds and not one of them caught fire. What makes you think it would have done in this case?

Whereas Teslas have a reputation for catching fire in a crash, and being impossible to put out. Because electric. So being retained in the car by seat belts may be the last thing you want to happen. Getting thrown out may well save your life.

One in March, which fortunately didn't kill the driver:

One in Florida a couple of weeks back where they burned alive while trapped inside:

And another one just last week:

It doesn't say how fast they were going in that case, but lots of idiots crash into the central barrier on one of the roads around here while merging, and not one of those cars has yet exploded in a fatal fire.

Would be interesting to know how they even passed crash tests if merely hitting a barrier at highway speeds is enough to make them burn.
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