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Originally Posted by ROH111 View Post
What are the A320 Capt and Fo being paid base pay. And is there any provision to make overtime or DTA?

When will QF allow pilots to go to QLink on LWOP for DEC?
It is a practical and logical question to ask.
However the entire apparatus of adversarial IR models ( as practiced at Qantas) are designed with denial of career progression a key component.
There is nothing new in it suffice to say, most airlines are finding it increasing difficult to maintain an effective downward pressure on terms and conditions.
This is due to the emerging reality confronting airlines the world over; lack of qualified pilots.

Allowing pilots a career path, whereby movement based on need and also an individual's desire to gain a promotion with the expected commensurate rise in responsibility and remuneration ought be a simple and obvious thing.

To those who drive this model it is the anathema of their existence.
Dividing pilots, slowing career and opportunities whilst continually ' green fielding' operations keeps labour unit cost where they want it is the play.

Allowing pilots a career will be resisted at all cost.
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