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Originally Posted by ATC Watcher View Post
In fact quite a few in the last 50 years , the last one being the Rwanda President in 1994. (which started the Tustsi genocide )

At first I thought this" technical report" was a fake made up by Polish nationalists that still cannot accept the accident, but it looks made by professionals from inside the "normal" Polish Investigation bureau. But it is still a report made by a so called " re-investigation committee," meaning it is not the official report . Am I correct to assume ?
I remember as well Samora Machel crash althouth it was not a bombing as such but hey Occam’s razor favors CFIT scenario by far. Why anyone goes into details at the time when (seemingly) everyone concur the plane was below rwy level prior to attempted go around..

This report refers an old 707 incident with youtube video (!) as a proof of something but hey the only common thing between 707 and 154 is that they were built like a brick but otherwise 154 is unforgiving plane.
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