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Guys the OMA is written in such a way that it helps operator not the pilot , pointless to keep winging about it and discussing the nitty gritty of what it says in the manual. not going to get you anywhere .

As your boss told you ...this is how much they pay you in the future, this is how they will operate so get over it stop being cry babies..period!!

For expats there are so many opportunities out there you had a good inning now move on. For locals I don’t know they could go down south or maybe not south ok go north then to LC or the other side of the runway 30R. Nothing is forever , stop living in denial, the sooner the reality sets in and you accept the new world order of airline operations ...the sooner you can move forward. You’ve been playing with there shiny jets long enough now Give them back...playtime is over...take the bitter pill and leave.

Remember the old days when other poster on here told you not to come in the first place to the sand pit....hello you did not listen then so..let’s try again a second time you should not have come.....ok? So now go and make a strong coffee and sit on your desk and polish the cv..believe me when you have done that you will feel soooo...much better. Believe me I tried it it’s great feeling Cofffee and CV writing I mean.
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