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Taken yesterday on my monthly walk-about of the MAN-TP project.

General view, as always, across from the top of T1 multi-storey car park with Pier 1 in the background.

Now to the top level of T2 car park with the new car park growing larger with each day. To the left is part of the T2 extension.

T2 extension is getting wider.

And it now has floors and other structures within it.

There is still room for the extension to gain depth as it does not yet match the old building.

The size the extension is starting to become apparent in this shot.

There is still possibly a little space for the extension to expand to its right as there is apparently a road to run between it and the new car park. In the background can be seen the link connector from Pier 1.

A walk down beyond the car park extension allows this view with the Terminal extension directly in front. To the right is the link connector between Pier 1 and the terminal.

Not a lot has changed since I photographed this view last month. There is however an idea of size when look at the workers on the nearest Node.

Similar to an earlier view, but with a better idea of the length of the link connector.

Looking across from the Staff West car park towards the end of Pier 1, with new taxiway Lima concrete in the foreground.

This was my final photo - before a 'jobsworth' told me that photography was not allowed due to security. This will be taken up in the hope that I will gain official approval for future visits.
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