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Please try to refrain from doing that, no_one. It’s the kind of division and nitpicking that is music to the ears of bureaucrats and ministerial advisers who want to divide and conquer.

Try to understand this: It would be a massive step forward if we could terminate the sick, expensive joke and hoax that is the regulatory ‘reform’ program. It would save the industry millions and would reduce the scope for more unnecessary complexity in the name of simplicity and safety. There is only one group of people that benefit from the regulatory reform program: That group ain’t the industry. But the industry pays for it.

I wouldn’t care if the Zimbabwean civil aviation rules were adopted by reference. At least we’d save around 20 million each year in bureaucratically-created regulatory ‘reform’ that’s a self-licking ice cream.

Be united in the overarching principle. Tweak the details after the principle has been implemented.

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