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Your comment above cannot go unanswered and quite frankly boils my pi55. To even suggest that the 'RAF of Today' don't have the 'Grit or Tenacity' is down right offensive.

Why don't you ask the Typhoon and Tornado crews amongst others who battle day and night over Syria and Iraq, as we speak, to Air to Air Refuel in thunderstorms at night over the most dangerous places in the world in order to drop bombs and kill ISIS about their ''Tenacity".

You clearly think that PR is all the modern RAF should care about, but you don't mention the recent strikes carried out by Tornado and Typhoon against Assads chemical weapons facilities, is that not enough PR?

At the end of the day your story reads like this:

1) RAF Plan Lancaster flypast.
2) Weather precludes Lancaster flying
3) Typhoon does flypast

You got your flypast, now stop slating the 'Modern RAF' and let us crack on with killing the enemy.

Mr Vice.

*Rant over, no hard feelings. There is a War to get on with.
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