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What a total and utter farce, the RAF couldn't organise a piss up in a brewery, I stood there listening to the moaning and bitching about the Lanc not coming, but could understand it as the weather was overcast, with a strong wind over the dams, the Typhoon was then people were told coming to do two passes over the dams, so people stayed and carried on moaning for the two odd hours to be told it too was cancelled well after its supposed ETA of 12.05, that in itself surprised me as I thought either it had gone tech or the RAF had stopped issuing aircrew watches to save money and precise timing was something they no longer practice.

People upon being told it was cancelled then started to rush back to their cars to avoid the traffic and as they were walking through the thick wooded area the Typhoon passed overhead, the comments re the RAF range from the brown smelly stuff to utter disgust and loathing, and were venting their anger at a willing press, some even rushed back to try and capture the supposed second none existent Flypast.

What a total PR disaster, there must have been thousands of people there, numbers airshows dream off these days, some I talked to had travelled over a hundred miles and taken days off work to see this, the RAF 100th and Dambuster 75th anniversary event, thank God the RAF 75 years ago had the grit and tenacity to battle through to the dams, because the Current RAF appears to have lost that skill.

i just hope they do not continue to repeat this farce across the country, because they appear to have lost a lot of supporters in the crowds today. Perhaps next time they should ask the Luftwaffe to do it for them.


it wouldn't have said it would have been IMC, as the cloud base was well above the surrounding hills, I would have said well over 500ft I will post a picture for you later, so you can play Spot the RAF

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