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Originally Posted by ORAC View Post
The F-35A has not yet done any trials/clearance to carry the B61-12 nuclear bomb. These are scheduled to be performed sometime between 2020-2022, though there is an argument going on as to when they are required - based in their role and the retirement of the currently assigned users.

Based on the different airframes previously cleared for carriage, such as the Jaguar, The any such clearance is likely to be more difficult politically than aerodynamically - particularly since the range of the F-35A would limit the targets to any German based F-35As to countries such as Poland, Hungary or the Baltic states......
Interesting. From reading the wiki page on the "mod-12" of the B-61 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/B61_nuclear_bomb it sounds like the Mod-12 will be quite an improvement capability wise. I do not see range as a huge issue, as shorter range partner/sharing aircraft such as the F-16, A-7, Harrier, Jaguar, F-104, etc. have trained for the role for decades (granted the Tornado does have better range), but the added guidance kit and penetrating ability might be of interest. It also sounds like other aircraft such as the Typhoon will not be able to employ the -12, but the F-35 will.
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