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Originally Posted by SWBKCB View Post
Update from the Evening News - don't know how much of this is new.

Has the 'super terminal' idea been downgraded? Here's what bosses have to say

I have tried to summarise the key points and some thoughts on the article in the MEN below - I hope it's an accurate and fair summary!

1 - some design elements (e.g. living wall) are not set in stone. This is because final decisions are being postponed until the last possible moment to incorporate the latest technology.

2 - however, some design element decisions have been taken, for example teardrop check in desks and bag drops (I assume a similar design to MUC).

3 - whatever the design decision, the end result is intended to achieve the wow factor.

4 - T1 still set for demolition "in the long term".

5 - the intention is still to have three piers, with an intention to add a fourth in future (see below).

6 - USPC is still in negotiation, but it is complicated because it requires US and UK government approval. It is fair to say that both governments have plenty on their plate right now, so I wouldn't expect anything soon.

7 - the size of the terminal extension is actually bigger than first forecast (albeit on a smaller footprint?). The initial plan was a 140% size increase but it is actually 150% larger.

8 - we know the west pier has been demolished, I wonder what the future holds for the east pier (the new baggage hall is bolted on to the rear of it) and the interior of the existing terminal building.

9 - the taxiway is larger than initially planned, presumably because MAN anticipates increased use of A330/B787 sized aircraft.

10 - the piers have "evolved" and not necessarily "shrunk". Interestingly, it is claimed that one pier (presumably not the one under construction) includes an "extra lounge". I did not know any pier contained a lounge, I assume this is a new (but welcome) development.

11 - stands increase from 105 to 112. The number of air bridges at T2 will increase from 12 to 28 (I assume this is based on 3 piers rather than 4).

12 - look and feel: the terminal building promises panoramic views through large glass windows, large porches are at the entrance, and the living wall may be replaced by a multimedia space. I hope the new look and feel is replicated in the old building so that it has a consistent internal feel.

13 - the forecourt is a concept. I'm not sure it should be that complicated to finalise, but I hope the external (forecourt and airside view) has a consistent look and feel from the new build to the old.

14 - lots of new car parking (IMO sensible, but the road network needs to cope!)

15 - no funds diverted to STN, the cost is now in excess of 1bn.

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