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In fairness to Ascend Charlie, I believe his comment was intended to be set in ironic type, and read as such.

However, I'm not sure that any such excuse can be found for DS010. Contrary to his curious notion, commercial pilots are not in the habit of "inventing" stories about sexual violence at the hands of senior colleagues they barely know. Hard though it may be for him to accept, they generally do not find sexual encounters that result in "bruises on their breasts and thighs" and "blood in their genitals" pleasurable. And if it takes them eighteen months after the incident to file a lawsuit, only after having exhausted all internal recourses (and having the management of their airline co-operate in their nefarious scheme by refusing to take action) they must be engaged in a very long con indeed.

The courts, no doubt, will sort it out. But when I was a lot younger, they taught me in school about a principle called Occam's Razor. Google, as always, will provide the details for the curious.
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