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Originally Posted by ia1166 View Post

follow the sop and brief in accordance. Its a standard arrival brief, including the 10-9. A proper arrival brief would have picked it up.

The captain is responsible at all times.

I agree with wingEagle here; you’re a moron, if not an ass-kisser with your beloved managers!
I know everyone has heard this saying: “the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over, but expecting different results!” Therefore:
Step 1: blame the recently arrived Expat; he is expendable:
Step 2: set up an elaborate blame and shame show, so that the locals have something to jack off to
Step 3: pretend that management sees everything, do so by running around the airport pretending to know what they are doing.
Step 4: make sure the public, and especially the Red Party, knows, it was a foreigner, since Vietnamese don’t do this!
Step 5: hire a replacement pilot from a country that desperately needs a job, is disposable, and will be submissive and make no problems if fired.

If I was the US Pilot, I’d be in touch with my embassy and the FAA; I’d make a full report, requiere an audit and SUE Vietnam Airlines for public endangerment and wrongful work termination!
Will it stick? Probably not, but it will put a HUGE dent into VNA’s plans to operate to the States... and in my opinion, they shouldn’t; not even to Europe!

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