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Walk away on the first day... It's that simple.

Enough is enough.....

These clowns won't give anything unless they get big in return.

It's already been said in the weekly update, No increases to costs. Can only trade in productivity gains which means= you give a pound of flesh, and we will give you 1/2 a pound in lifestyle improvements and a 1/2 pound (empty) promise to look into something that will never ever happen..... Just like they did with 25year housing

It is truly pointless.... I can't wait to see the first update on negotiations......

​​​​​​We are pleased to announce negotiations have commenced and positive talks are being held. We are making good progress on issues around lifestyle but we are constrained by the business situation from engaging in talks that would see our overall costs increase......blah blah blah blah......vomit!
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