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Last time I entered the US, there were large billboards stating it was illegal to carry any fruit past this point. How much more do they need?

But it's typical that instead of learning the lesson, one goes on TV today and generates a scandal, combined with a lawsuit.

Passengers often enough get away with much too much these days, I suppose mostly due to the everpresent threat of lawsuits and spreading dirt all over the internet. Whether it's 23kgs of luggage and 6 kgs of handluggage which to many travellers translate to 50 kgs and 25 kgs respectively, whether there are big scandals when someone falls afoul of some countries harsh punishment on drug trafficking or whether people are too stupid to reckognize that fruits in any form are no-go in the US, the rules are for others.

If they were enforced properly, I guess for a while half of the airplanes would be empty when all passengers not obeying the elementary rules would be left behind or fined.
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