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Originally Posted by Mizuno boy View Post
True story, many years ago clearing customs in KFLL (Fort Lauderdale) with a private GA aircraft arriving from Canada.
In the galley was a wicker basket with whole fruit that was standard on the aircraft. Customs advised that the fruit would need to be destroyed, "no problem" we said and Customs took it and advised we were cleared into the U.S.
As we closed up the aircraft other pilot realizes we need the wicker basket back so goes in to see about it.
Upon entering the customs office he observes 5-6 customs agents destroying the fruit (eating it) he asked if we could have the basket back which they agreed to with somewhat embarrassed looks on their faces.
Can't make this stuff up.

Reminds me of arriving, crew only, at Las Vegas from Spain. Customs officer at the customs shack, asks, “ where’s the caterer?” I replied, “we’re done and going to the Mandalay Bay, they have food.” It didn’t look amused. “You have to have the caterer take the international trash and food”. “Really, you don’t have a dumpster?” “no, that’s why the caterer is supposed to meet your flight.” Thirty minutes and $255 later our international trash was gone and we taxied over to Signature.

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